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  • Proven Standard Guitar Lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar from beginner through to intermediate players.    Easy and fun ways to learn.

  • Remarkable Electric Guitar Lessons, Blues Guitar Lessons, Country Guitar Lesson, Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons, Jazz Lesson and Rock Guitar Lessons.    And also lessons for Advanced players to make you the master of the fret board.

  • Special religious coaching programs covering worship guitar and an nativity play.

  • Classic guitar songs and chords to have you happily strumming away.

  • Tremendous guitar training and performance programs to have you performing the riffs of your dreams.
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  • Audio and video learning software to improve your guitar playing.

  • Ear training systems to improve your sound perception.

  • Instructive guitar building plans and string knowledge.

  • Plus ways to turn your guitar playing into a business.

Guitar Guide

The "Guitar For Me" Guitar Guide offers many ways for you to enjoy your guitar playing, it's just a simple matter of choosing what you desire to know.

The "Guitar For Me" Guitar Guide is presented as a product review to help you find the best material to suite your needs.    There are guitar lessons for all age groups, even adult guitar lessons for grown ups.    You can learn to play the blues or even some funky bass riffs.

There are songs and chords to learn and play.    Such as easy and classic holiday songs, camp fire songs, plus various chords tuitions for the guitar player.    There is even sheet music which is perfect for music teachers, schools, churches and all music lovers.

You can learn to master the scales for playing guitar and also rapidly increase your guitar playing speed.    You can learn to play killer lead guitar.    You can even develop your jam skills by playing with a drummer.    How about creating your own Guitar solo's.

Get your fingers screaming up and down the fret.    You can even learn to play modern country guitar riffs and hot licks.    You can learn incredible powerful techniques... such as alternate picking, legato, sweep picking and tapping.    There is lot to learn here and it is very affordable.

If you wish to make a living from your guitar playing you will find royalty free beats, songs and music that you can safely play to entertain.    You will find out how to busker successfully for both fun and profit.    You will discover ways to produce quality music and backings, record your own guitar playing, and even ways to distribute your own music.

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Guitar For Me is produced for guitar lovers.    For those who wish to learn to play guitar, improve their guitar playing skills or even profit from their guitar playing abilities.    Guitar For Me is also for the music lovers, people who just like to hear the sound of guitar according to their choice of music.
Guitar For Me offers very affordable ways to learn and enjoy guitar.

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