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Guitar Training and Performance

You can always improve the way you play the guitar with some great guitar training aides and performance programs.    Well!... Practice makes perfect.

There are various training and performance programs available with both audio and video applications to help you learn notes, phrasing, dynamics and rhythm.    You can also pick up the tone quality of music by ear.

These type of programs will allow you to individually learn and practice at your own pace.
You can review every piece of music that you have learnt on a regular basis, in order to raise your technical and musical ability.

These training and performance programs will show you creative ways to master both music and playing styles.

You can learn to master the scales, increase your guitar speed and build agility and dexterity in your hands and fingers.    You can learn to pick and sweep to your hearts content.    You can also learn to string together phrases to create licks and build a solo over a backing track.

We have a great range of guitar training and performance programs to help you improve your guitar playing.    Just go back to the "Menu" and check out our great range of training and performance programs.

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Music Aides

Guitar Scale Mastery
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This is the most popular guitar training and performance course on the Internet and also rates 9th/10 on ClickBank’s Gravity ratings for guitar.

Guitar Scale Mastery was designed by Craig Bassett, (a professional guitarist, guitar tutor and author), to help you solve these problems:

♪ Feeling overwhelmed by how many scales you need to learn.
♪ Struggling with using scales in a musical way.
♪ Can't visualize scales effortlessly over the ENTIRE fretboard.
♪ Playing scales without truly HEARING them.
♪ Seeing scales as patterns NOT notes.
♪ Struggling with moving fluidly between different parts of the fretboard.
♪ Struggling with applying scales in real-life playing situations.

Guitar Scale Mastery will put you in the top 5% of guitar players because it focuses on all five of the essential mastery skills that lead to complete scale mastery...

These essential mastery skills include Ears, Eyes, Fingers, Intellect and Applications.

A few of the overall benefits of learning the Guitar Scale Mastery System include...
♪ You will be able to learn scales on such a deep level that they "become part of you".
♪ You will be able to use scales without thinking.
♪ You will be able to improvise with scales no matter where you are on the fretboard.
♪ You'll feel much more confident as an improvising guitarist.
♪ You'll notice large improvements to your guitar technique, speed and fluidity.
♪ You'll solo in a more natural and musical way.
♪ You'll feel more confident jamming with other musicians.

Get the essential mastery skills that you need right now.
Click here to get Guitar Scale Mastery.

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Guitar Notes Master
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Are you confused by the guitar fretboard?    How would it be if you truly understood what you were playing?

Guitar Notes Master is an interactive teaching tool dedicated to enabling guitarists to gain a thorough understanding of guitar fretboard theory - notes, scales, arpeggios and chords - as quickly and effortlessly as possible.    It achieves this through three modules.

1) Lessons including topics covering:
♫ Open Strings.
♫ Root Shapes.
♫ Note Names and Finding Notes on the Fretboard.
♫ Diatonic Scales (Major and Minor Scales).
♫ Pentatonic Scales.
♫ Pentatonic Lead Patterns.
♫ Intervals.
♫ Triads - Arpeggios and Chords.
♫ Seventh Arpeggios and Chords.
♫ Other Chord Types - Extended (e.g. 9th, 11th), Suspended Chords, 6, 6/9, Add9, Slash
   Chords and Power Chords.
♫ Modes - Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian.
♫ Other Scales - Blues Scales, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, Phrygian Dominant Mode, Whole
   Tone and Diminished Scales.

2) Practicing the various Guitar Notes Master fretboard patterns.

3) Guitar tablature and scale patterns practice with the following features:
♫ Support for Left-Handed Fretboard Display.
♫ A choice of 11 fretboard color schemes.
♫ Choose to position the notes on the fret, behind the fret or centrally between two frets.
♫ Playback displayed notes through compatible General MIDI.
♫ Synthesizer/sound card (including built-in Microsoft Wavetable Synthesizer).
♫ Switch the fretboard display to show the notes or intervals in the current pattern.

Guitar Notes Master can correct your answers for each note you enter, or for more of a challenge set it only to tell you when you've got the whole pattern correct.    It will help you to finally understand the guitar fretboard.

Now is the time to take advantage of the unique learning experience offered by Guitar Notes Master to develop your fretboard understanding and become a much better guitarists.

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300 Chord Progressions For Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Etc.
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Do you want to know more about Chord Progression?
Not sure which chord goes where in a chord progression?
Confused about which chord comes next in the chord progression?

Chord Progressions has the answers.    It has 300 chord progressions for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, etc, in C Major & A Minor to help you out.    The 300 Chord Progression eBooks have been created to help you write songs!    Just imagine having 300 essential song building blocks at your disposal.

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, these ebooks will give you something that will help you write your next song - even your next hit song!

Chord Progressions are the building blocks of all songs - whatever style or genre of song you write - hip hop, dance, pop, rock, metal - any genre - you have to use chord progressions to write them!

The Chord Progressions eBooks are broken down to 6 eBooks containing 50 chord progressions in each.    Each chord progression is usually 4 bars long, sometimes more.    All you have to do is pick a chord progression for a verse, then one for a bridge or chorus, stick them together and hey presto - a new song.

Get your Chord Progressions eBooks today! And start writing and playing guitar to suite your needs.

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Make Music – Ultimate Chord Progressions
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Make Music is your place for songwriting and music making.    Their “Ultimate Chord Progressions” ebook by Martyn Croston, will help you discover the secrets to improving your song writing.

You'll find the ideas that hundreds of successful composers and producers are using every day to write hit songs!

Do you want to:
♪ Learn more chords?
♪ Create unique chord progressions?
♪ Become a better guitarist?
♪ Become more creative?
♪ Develop a better musical ear?

Then the Ultimate Chord Progressions ebook is for you.    There are over 60 chord progressions to use in your music.

Never struggled to create chord progressions for your music again.    Just learn these chord progressions and never get stuck.

Each chord progression is written in three ways depending on your level covering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of understanding music.

The Ultimate Chord Progressions ebook is extremely affordable to purchase.    So!    Get your hands on the Ultimate Chord Progressions ebook today and start to improve your songwriting skills right away.

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Learn How To Read Music Like A Pro
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Now!    You can develop the ability to speak the language of the masters of music.    By learning how to read sheet music like the pros you can take your music skills to another level.

By studying Learn How To Read Music Like A Pro you will discover that sheet music provides a blueprint of how things work in the smallest detail.    Sheet music shows you why they work the way they do.

This knowledge is invaluable for learning, performing and understanding the material on a deeper level.    It is also crucial for better understanding technique and how it can be used, adapted and improved.

Learn How To Read Music Like A Pro is a top-notch 8-week course that teaches you how to easily and effortlessly read music.

Through studying the course you will cover:
♫ The rhythm and ease of reading notes.
♫ Developing rhythmic coordination, a master rhythm.
♫ Finding any note easily on the neck of the guitar.
♫ How to master triplets through binary and ternary rhythm.
♫ Understanding the structure of phrasing.
♫ Reading without looking at the Guitar Neck.

If you're truly serious about being a guitarist!
Then it's time to Learn How To Read Music Like A Pro.

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Guitar Note Mastery
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Would you like to totally master a skill that helps you learn faster, memorize better, increases your creativity and speeds up your guitar learning progress?    Then the Guitar Note Mastery e-book is right for you!

Guitar Note Mastery will help you master the notes on the fretboard and you'll benefit by:
♪ Learning how to apply music theory to the guitar much more quickly.
♪ Being able to memorize scales, chords and arpeggios much faster.
♪ Learning to think like a musician.
♪ Sky-rocketing your confidence as a guitarist and a musician.
♪ Becoming more and more creative.
♪ Saving yourself hundreds (if not thousands!) of hours of frustration.
♪ Being able to locate any note on your guitar instantly.

Guitar Note Mastery gives you the complete system containing many many different note learning strategies that will help you...
♪ Learn 11 simple and powerful steps to note knowledge mastery.
♪ Learn 27 note learning exercises.
♪ Learn 31 different "Action Steps" that you can take to master the fretboard.
♪ Learn 8 ideas to make sure that you NEVER forget the note.
♪ Gain a total understanding of the musical alphabet.
♪ Totally understand how the musical alphabet lies on the guitar fretboard.
♪ Get helpful tips and advice on the best ways to memorize the notes on the fretboard.
♪ Learn how to make steady note learning progress even if you have limited time.
♪ Gain a complete understanding of flats, sharps, naturals, double-sharps, double-flats and
   other essential musical concepts.
♪ Learn a very powerful accelerated learning technique.
♪ Learn a couple of great ways of expanding your chord and scale knowledge.

You will gain confidence in mastering the notes on the fretboard of your guitar when you use the Guitar Note Mastery e-book.

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Read Music Now
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Do you want an honest and quick way to learn how to read music?    Would you be interested in the absolute fastest and best way possible to learn how to read music?

Well then!    Look no more... you have found "Read Music Now".    You are about to discover how anyone can learn to read music in just 7 days.    It will broaden your world of music.

There is no fluff in this comprehensive "Read Music Now” course.    This program will teach you all about how to read notes, timing, tempo, transposing 101, volume and dynamics... and much more.

So!    If you're serious about learning how to read music, then you really only have one choice.    Get into "Read Music Now" and start to read music by the end of the week.

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Guitar On The Spot
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The Guitar On The Spot ebook will allow you to practice in a more effective way that really benefits your guitar playing.    It has taken difficult learning methods and composed them into more understandable learning techniques.

The Guitar On The Spot (using the code) lessons include:
♫ Guitar Basics.
♫ Tunning Your Guitar.
♫ The Secret - The Key Concept.
♫ How to make up Your Own Songs.
♫ Song making tips.
♫ How to make Up different types of songs.
♫ Going solo on Lead Guitar immediately.
♫ Jamming with other people on guitar.
♫ Knowing more about making up solos and riffs.

You'll be able to use Guitar On The Spot, (using the code), to make up your own songs, solos and riffs up and down the guitar neck, jam with other people and figure out how to play simple songs, solos and riffs by ear.

Click onto Guitar On The Spot and get your copy of Guitar On The Spot Using the Code ebook right away!

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Guitar Theory Made Simple – "Unlocking I – IV – V"
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Guitar Theory Made Simple - Unlocking I – IV – V is an intensive 109 minute video that will give you a crash course on guitar theory.

You see… there’s this concept in music called I – IV – V, which refers to the root note (I), or tonic, and the two notes in perfect relation to it (IV and V).    Because it is a numbering system, it is universal, and applies to every single key.

Simply put... this lesson on "Unlocking I-IV-V" will show you how the guitar fretboard is built on patterns of I-IV-V, and once you see the patterns, your guitar playing will come alive in a whole new way.

Guitar Theory Made Simple "Unlocking I – IV – V" is the perfect introductory theory lesson to get you started on the guitar, or to reveal the secrets of the fretboard that have thus far been hidden from you…

You will discover how to:
♪ Learn why chord numbers are far more important than chord letters.
♪ Write your own songs and chord progressions effortlessly and endlessly!
♪ Instantly figure out all the relevant chords in any given key.
♪ Understand intuitively how guitar scales are created and formed.
♪ See the guitar in visual patterns instead of letters, names and notes.
♪ Figure out and play along with nearly any song in a couple minutes.
♪ Play intuitively and confidently by ear, without music!
♪ Learn how to build your own chords!

With the Unlocking I-IV-V lesson you can hit rewind and re-watch any part that you don’t pick up immediately.    Guitar Theory Made Simple "Unlocking I-IV-V" is equally relevant for players of all levels whether you are just learning or very advanced.

Now you can improve your guitar playing faster than a speeding bullet by simply following the lessons of "Unlocking I-IV-V".

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Guitar Theory Revolution
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Have you tried and failed to learn music theory in the past?    Just couldn’t get your head around it.    Ok!    Now is the time to stop feeling like you’re too stupid to understand music theory.

Would you love to master music theory?    Well!    Now you can.
The Guitar Theory Revolution will help you become a better guitar player and musician.

Once you have gained access to the main "Guitar Theory Revolution" book, you’ll have 107 pages of mind-blowing information that will forever change how you approach the guitar.

The Guitar Theory Revolution contains systems, patterns, diagrams and exercises that will open your mind to a whole new way of understanding music theory for guitar players.

The information is broken down in a simple fashion and you'll be guided through it all in a step-by-step fashion, so you can learn everything easily.

Come on!    Join the Guitar Theory Revolution.    It's time for you to invest in the understanding of music theory.    So!    Get your head around music theory and have some fun whilst you’ll learning.    Get into the Guitar Theory Revolution.

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Guitar Scale Patterns
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Guitar Scale Patterns is a pattern-based approach to learning the fretboard.    You will obtain knowledge so powerful that you will gain the ability to play anywhere you want on the guitar.    You will learn how to mostly use only three main scale patterns that will let you cover the entire guitar neck.

The Guitar Scale Pattern is a 122 minute video-based guitar lesson of pure content which will help you:
♫ To always know where you are on the guitar… quickly sliding around the fretboard, easily
   adding your own licks and embellishments.
♫ Amaze your friends or jam buddies with how fluidly you can cover the entire guitar neck in a
♫ To casually join in with any song you hear on the radio or CD, laying with ease as you find the
   right key and begin soloing over the top.

By using Guitar Scale Patterns you will get to know:
♫ All the relevant notes on the guitar in any given key.
♫ How to play all of those notes fluidly, in easy-to-remember patterns.
♫ Instinctively how to choose where on the neck you should solo.
♫ How to connect scale patterns together, creating your own scales and runs.
♫ How to Solo across the whole fretboard, or even just on a single string.

When you get into Guitar Scale Patterns you’ll discover patterns covering:
♫ Building a scale that covers the entire guitar.
♫ 3 main scale patterns that every guitar player needs to master the fretboard.
♫ 2 connecting scale patterns.
♫ The essential ‘chess move’ patterns for fourths, fifths, and octaves.
♫ Small major and minor patterns that repeat themselves over and over.

Now you can begin to master your guitar fretboard and greatly improve your knowledge of the guitar and your ability to play it.    Start practicing with Guitar Scale Patterns today!

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Guitar Monks – 3 Magic Chords and more
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Do you want to know the 3 secret magic chords that will enable you to easily play 17 popular songs?

If playing great songs on the guitar is what you want, then you’ve come to the right place!    Log onto Guitar Monks and click on 3 Magic Chords.    You will be able to immediately download, all Nine Lessons – right away!

The 3 Secret Chords and the specifically designed downloadable audios will unleash your inner guitarist and allow you to be heard!

Get into Guitar Monks and order 3 Magic Chords today!

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Cripple Your Stage Fright!
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Full Score Guitar Lessons presents “Cripple Your Stage Fright” a musicians guide to playing on stage with confidence!

Now you have the ability to learn how to transform yourself into the entertaining, confident musician that everyone is dying to see!

Find out about the 3 Mistakes most musicians make that set them up for rejection and failure.    Learn how to get on stage and start playing your solo instrumental guitar songs and blow people away.

The “Cripple Your Stage Fright” ebook was made by, a musician for musicians.    It has exercises for you to try out right NOW.    It shows you the history behind each topic, why you should learn it, examples to practice, and things you can do RIGHT NOW to take action.

Cripple Your Stage Fright is the first of its kind and is directed towards musicians and teaches techniques that musicians can use during a show or social group performance.

Now you can get over your stage fright for good!

Buy Cripple Your Stage Fright right now!    It's your guide to playing on stage with confidence.

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The 7 Secrets To Success In Music
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Do you dream of having success in music?
Now you can invest in yourself and discover the 7 Secrets you need to reach your full potential and make your musical genius soar.

The 7 Secrets To Success In Music is available though MusicLifeCoach, it is a ground-breaking seven week online course, packed with video training and workbooks.    It will change the way you look at your music and your life.

Mark Desvaux is a world-leading Music Life Coach, Bestselling Recording Artist (Urban Myth Club), Record Label owner and Publisher.    He has produced “The 7 Secrets To Success In Music” course as a unique and cost-effective opportunity for you to become part of an exclusive club of amazing artists and musicians who have benefited from Mark’s twenty-year experience in recording, performing, coaching and mentoring.

Mark’s insights are fascinating and eye opening.    So be prepared to look at your life in a whole new way.

Take up the challenge and access MusicLifecoach and start week 1 of The 7 Secrets To Success In Music.    It's your Roadmap to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Overcome The Arpeggio World
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(Overcome) The Arpeggio World is your source of know-how for creative implementation of arpeggio phrases in your guitar solos!

(Overcome) The Arpeggio World is a 100 page e-book that will guide you through almost every approach of playing arpeggios on guitar.    Overcome) The Arpeggio World is divided into 2 sections and there are over 100 examples and 50 various assignments.

The First section is dedicated to all the music theory required to understand the musical nature of further lessons.    The Second section is the complete arpeggio guide.

By studying “(Overcome) The Arpeggio World” you will:
♪ Learn how the major and natural minor scale works.
♪ Understand degrees and intervals.
♪ Get introduced to basics of major scale modes.
♪ Learn to create and play arpeggio phrases.
♪ Learn how to build arpeggio phrases.

Explore and master the Arpeggio World!
Get your copy of the “(Overcome) The Arpeggio World” ebook today.

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Playing Methods

Pentatonic Power
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Finally, the first practical, step-by-step, roadmap for playing Lead Guitar like a Pro... 100% Guaranteed.    Are you willing to commit yourself, whole-heartedly for 150 days, to following the Pentatonic Power instructions?

Pentatonic Power has a day-by-day guide that takes the guess work out of learning the 273 examples in tab and notation with sound… that you can use to play killer lead guitar right now.

With Pentatonic Power you will be shown:
♫ Specific examples of how to use the licks.
♫ The mechanics of bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs.
♫ The little known way to use string bending.
♫ You’ll learn licks in many styles.
♫ 2 proven strategies for playing up and down the fretboard.
♫ An in depth look at each fingering of the pentatonic scale so you can really get it into your
   hands and ears allowing you to have complete mastery of the guitar.
♫ Exactly how the five fingerings overlap allowing you to play over the entire fretboard.
♫ Learn 8 variations on the best thing to practice to improve your ear and technique in the
   shortest time possible.
♫ How to locate the tonic of each fingering to know where to play the scale in songs to create
   killer solos.
♫ The absolute best way to practice bending to make sure you nail them and play in tune.
♫ Learn to harness the power of melodic patterns.
♫ How to use wide skips to add new life to the pentatonic scale.

So… come here to Pentatonic Power and learn to play Lead Guitar like a Pro.

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The Essential Guide to Guitar Virtuosity
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Introducing The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity by Tennyson Williams of Guitar Speed Secret… The Guitar Speed Training eBook.

The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity has solid information containing over 100 exercises, images and diagrams, that will help you reach insane guitar speeds by utilizing and covering:
♪ Mental Mastery.
♪ The Seven Principles Of Guitar Speed.
♪ How To Train For Speed and Maximize Your Playing.
♪ Basic Speed Drills - 2,3 & 4 Finger Exercises, plus Tremolo Picking.
♪ Moderately Advanced Picking Exercises.
♪ Advanced Picking Exercises.
♪ Better Bending, Better Vibrato, Hammer-ons and Pull-Offs.
♪ Legato, Tapping and Sweep Picking.
♪ Developing Better Sliding Technique.
♪ Economy Picking and String Skipping.
♪ Harmonics.
♪ How To Write Awesome Guitar Solos.
♪ Ear Training.
♪ The Ultimate Practice Routine.
♪ The Power Of Metacognition.
♪ Recording and the Home Studio. 

Now you can play the way you always dreamed of by learning to increase your guitar speed with… The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity.

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Guitar Burning Speed – The Ultimate Shred Guitar Course
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Do you want to know the Guitar Speed Secrets that will have you shredding ridiculously fast and performing the solos that everyone wants to hear?

Now you can with Guitar Burning Speed!    It's the ultimate shred guitar course.    In just 2 weeks, spending only 20 minutes a day, you will rapidly increase your guitar speed.    It will give you the ability to run rings around every other guitar player.

Guitar Burning Speed will reveal to you the guitar speed picking secrets.    You will be able to:
♫ Increase speed and strength in your picking arm so much, you will play solo's that send
   shivers down peoples spines.
♫ Have your hands flowing across the fretboard, like you had never been able to do before.
♫ Learn how to synchronize both of your hands so they work with each other in perfect
♫ Be able to reach huge fret distances and play licks that you could never have played before
   and add another dimension to your guitar playing.

Improve your shred guitar skills with Guitar Burning Speed and stand out, head and shoulders above the rest.

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Pro Guitar Method – Pro Speed Picking
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The Pro Guitar Method "Pro Speed Picking" course is designed to rapidly increase your guitar speed.

With the Pro Speed Picking course you will get:
♪ Pro Speed Picking Exercise Guide with picking techniques which range from beginner to
   advanced and can keep you busy for months.
♪ Speed Picking Handbook which demonstrates the picking techniques in-depth.
♪ You will learn in-depth picking SECRETS that professional guitarists have known for years.
♪ Speed Picking Rhythm Guide which goes into specific detail about musical timing.
♪ MP3 Audio Files of all exercises have been recorded in high 24-bit quality at both normal and
   slow speed.
♪ 5 Blues/Rock jTrax which are Pro Guitar Method's own jam tracks for practicing your solos and
♪ Unlimited Technical Support!

Are you ready to master such crucial techniques such as sweep picking, alternate picking, circular picking, and legato picking?

Then there's only one choice!    You need to get into Pro Speed Picking... real fast!

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Guitar Methods - Finger Trainer
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Now you can turn your fingers into lightning-fast weapons of musical destruction!
No longer will you be restricted by what your fingers are able to play.    Because...
"Finger Trainer" is here!

Finger Trainer has over 100 exercises built in...
See and hear exercises played with real drums and real guitar!

With Finger Trainer, you simply:
♫ Select the exercises you want to work on, and press PLAY.
♫ Hit LOOP, and play along as many times as you need to master it!
♫ Then hit TURBO to speed it up, and put yourself to the test!
♫ Add exercises to the queue, and play them in the order YOU choose.
♫ Hit LOOP to work on them over and over until you have it nailed!

Get Finger Trainer and develop lightning-fast fingers.

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Guitar Assault Software – 66 Licks
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The Guitar Assault Software "66 Licks" comes complete with 4 x 66 lick sets covering a range of guitar styles, from rock blues to metal.

The Guitar Assault Software "66 Licks" is a software tool that features a whole bunch of short, loopable guitar bites, recorded in the same key.    Each 'lick' is easy to learn, and perfect on its own to add to your arsenal of killer licks.    But if you add them together - they will flow together in any order, making it easy to learn to build longer phrases, and help you to become a better guitarist.

You can create your own guitar solos using the licks provided, and then learn to play them.

The 66 Licks program will explain to you how to:
♪ Apply these licks to real life, increasing your improvisation skills.
♪ Add licks together to build solos, unlocking your creativity.
♪ Learn how to play the licks, hence increasing your technical ability.
♪ Create your own guitar solos and learn how to play them.

There is also a whole range of example tracks demonstrating how you can create huge solos simply using the licks provided.

Download the Guitar Assault Software "66 Licks" and learn how to create your own guitar licks, phrases and solos.

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96 Rock Licks
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Can you imagine yourself playing a red hot lead solo?
Now you can make your dream a reality.

With the help of 96 Rock Licks you'll know exactly what to play and how to play it.    You'll gain an endless bag-of-tricks that you can use like... efficiency picking and lick swapping.

96 Rock Licks will provide you with a simple step-by-step road map to make it possible for you to become a lead guitarist.

96 Rock Licks is not for the absolute beginner.    But if you have some guitar knowledge and have been playing for a while, this could be exactly what you have been looking for.

With 96 Rock Licks you'll starting playing lead as soon as possible.    You'll learn the lead guitar styles and techniques from the 1960's, 70's, 80's and 90's.    You will learn to think like a lead guitarist.

96 Rock Licks consists of 4 modules of training and 5 beneficial bonuses.    To find out more... see the 96 Rock Licks video and then get your hands on this great lead guitar program.

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Decoding The Bass Guitar
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Decoding The Bass Guitar is the most powerful and yet incredibly simple way of looking at the fretboard you’ll find anywhere.

Just picture yourself for a moment holding down that rock solid bass groove, locked in tight with the drummer, and then flawlessly and intuitively creating bass fills on the fly, at the end of every phrase – adding a depth to the song that your jam mates have never seen before.    You can with Decoding the Bass Guitar.

The Decoding The Bass Guitar lesson contains 2 hours of video instruction jam-packed with content that is going to improve your bass playing by…
♫ You gaining a good understanding of why certain chords work together.
♫ Knowing how to anticipate which one will come next.
♫ Knowing which chord groupings belong in a particular key.
♫ Understand the concepts of I IV V so you can truly open up your potential as a bass player.

By using the Decoding the Bass Guitar you will learn:
♫ The most powerful and yet incredibly simple way of looking at the fretboard you’ll find
♫ How to relate to the bass in visual patterns instead of letters, names and notes.
♫ Two simple scale patterns that are literally all you need, they're incredibly powerful.
♫ How to turn theory into beautiful music – playing harmonies and even melodies on your bass.
♫ Why the chords in each key work together, and how you can turn that to your advantage as
   a bass player.
♫ How you can use intervals to really spice up your playing

Plus you will have close-up examples for everything.    Finally you have found a way to watch yourself progress as a player for the first time in years.

Now you have the potential to surprise your jam buddies by playing new things that not only sound better, but they also add a totally new dynamic to the band.    So!...
Get into Decoding The Bass Guitar today!

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Ideas, Phrases & Exercises for the Modern Guitarist
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This is not a course, it is a method to learn, study and practice the best guitar techniques and apply them to your solos and impros.

The Spanish guitarist Toni Lloret has developed a new guitar method called "Ideas, Phrases & Exercises for the Modern Guitarist" and it enables you to achieve control of more advanced guitar technique, such as:

Alternate Picking - Sequences on one string, two strings, all six strings, arpeggios,
   pentatonic, ideas and phrases and hybrid picking (pick and fingers) .
Legato - Legato with scales, legato and picking, pentatonic legato, arpeggios with string
   skipping, stretching and stretch arpeggios.
Sweep Picking - Sweep Picking from 2-6 strings, sweeping and modes, arpeggios and scales,
   economy picking, ideas and phrases and finger sweeps.
Tapping - Tapping scales, pentatonic, arpeggios, using various fingers for tapping
   and taping with string skips.

Ideas, Phrases & Exercises for the Modern Guitarist comes with more than 300 Pages, more than 350 Videos and more than 200 Audio Files!    It is the most complete Guitar Ideas e-Book on the Internet.

Obtain the best guitar techniques today, with…
Ideas, Phrases & Exercises for the Modern Guitarist.

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Guitar Technique Product – Alternate Picking Fast Start
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The Guitar Technique Product "Alternate Picking Fast Start" system is an intensive 12 month online course aimed at electric guitarists serious about getting good at alternate picking.

If you are new to alternate picking and would like to maximize your progress, then "Alternate Picking Fast Start" may be for you.

The "Alternate Picking Fast Start" course will reveal to you some valuable information and practice strategies that will...
♫ Help you learn how to use a metronome in an effective way.
♫ Improve your timing dramatically.
♫ Help you to understand how to effectively program your muscle memory.
♫ Safely and effectively increase your alternate picking speed.
♫ Help you to understand some very important picking mechanics that need to be mastered in
   order for you to become an excellent alternate picker.
♫ Help you develop a rock-solid foundation of alternate picking techniques that will help you
   progress to a more advanced level.

The "Alternate Picking Fast Start" system is comprised of seven modules, such as:
Initial Testing - Because before you start doing intensive practice on alternate picking it is
   critical to test your current level.
Basic Timing Exercises - Which will help you develop awesome timing as well.    They will
   also help you make sure that your left hand movements are perfectly in time with your right
   hand movements.
Synchronization Exercises - Develops the co-ordination between your right and left hands.
Single String Scale Exercises - They expands upon the technique and skill that you are
Two Note Alternate Picking Mechanic Exercises – Being able to change strings while
   maintaining a constant alternating picking motion.
Scale Pattern Exercises - Scale pattern exercises are an essential component of developing
   excellent alternate picking technique.
Four Note Alternate Picking Mechanics - You'll discover 12 different picking mechanics and
   You'll master exercises on different pairs of strings.

You need to access this valuable information right now!    Gain access to the "Alternate Picking Fast Start" system... and claim your 12 Month Membership now.

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Learn to play LEAD GUITAR at screaming, mind-numbing, finger-shredding, guitar-shattering, fret-melting speeds!

In the Screamingfingers book of secrets you will learn how to:
♪ Synchronize both hands.
♪ Build strength and speed in your picking wrist.
♪ Build strength and speed in your fret hand.
♪ Increase your flexibility.
♪ Build agility in both hands.
♪ Build dexterity in both hands.
♪ Play 16th notes at speeds of 200 beats per minute.
♪ Play 6 note triplets at speeds of 138 beats per minute.
♪ Develop speed bursts of 15 notes or more per second.
♪ Eliminate all wasted motions.
♪ Build impeccable timing.
♪ Play lightning-fast alternate picking.
♪ Play lightning-fast glide picking... and much more.

You can also get a CD, which includes Screamingfingers, Professional Whammy Bar Tricks & Techniques, 70 Audio Examples, and 38 MP3 Jam Tracks.

Now you know the secret to shredding your guitar at impressive speeds.    What’s stopping you?

Learn to play LEAD GUITAR at Screamingfingers and start impressing people with your fast playing.

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Guitar Methods – Lead Guitar Techniques
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The Guitar Methods "Lead Guitar Techniques" is an outstanding program that covers everything you will need to play Lead Guitar.    Everything from introducing you to scales and basic picking exercises right up to 6-string sweep picking, advanced tapping and exotic ascending/descending runs!    Whammy-bar tricks, harmonics, you name it!

You will benefit by the tools that Guitar Methods "Lead Guitar Techniques" provide, such as a fretboard memory tool, a progress chart, a speed enhancer to monitor and push your speed to new levels, backing tracks to practice with, a brand new flash user interface, and lots more!

You can’t help but improve your playing when you drill through Lead Guitar Techniques 60 plus pages of exercises.    There are also plenty of extras, all for you.    They include over 20 bonus videos for your entertainment and education, a guitar tuner, metronome, printable chord charts, 5,000 tabs and more...

You will also gain the ability to create on-the-spot solos and improvisation through their Guitar Methods Improvisation Guide, which consists of 40 pages of essential information, 20 minute video providing ideas, examples and helpful tips, plus 10 backing tracks and example solos.

You will also get the Guitar Methods Finger Trainer.    It puts the fun back into practice by giving you a band environment in your very own home.    You’ll improve your guitar playing with this.

Now you can turn your Lead Guitarist dreams into a reality!
Get a hold of Guitar Methods "Lead Guitar Techniques" and learn to shred right away.

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Guitar Improvisation – How To Play Your Own Solos
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Julian Angel uses a one-of-a-kind teaching method that immediately introduces the ‘aha-effect’.    It is also fast, easy and time saving!

The “Guitar Improvisation” ebook provides you with a simple system that makes guitar improvisation easy and helps you target the right notes.    \ To avoid any confusion you will learn everything in one key and in one position first.

Once you have mastered this, the ebook shows you how to play your solos in different positions and how to easily transpose every scale and melody into different keys - without worrying about the theory.

Guitar Improvisation is a 45 page ebook with 16 separate lessons and has 22 sound examples in mp3 format, 13 jam tracks in mp3 format to play over, plus there are 3 bonus lessons.

Guitar Improvisation is for beginners and advanced players alike.    You will learn:
♫ How to use a scale.
♫ How and where to find the right notes in a scale.
♫ How to create melodies.
♫ How the theory works.

Get into Guitar Improvisation and enjoy the well arranged and easy to understand lessons.

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Guitar Alliance – Hands On Training For The Thinking Guitarist
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Guitar Alliance provides hands on training for the thinking guitarist.    You will discover the keys to unlock the true potential of your guitar playing.    You can become the amazing musician you've always wanted to be, playing faster and better than you ever imagined.

Guitar Alliance is a super guitar tutorial organisation, full of easy-to-understand and extremely useful techniques and ideas.    You can always pick up some new tricks or complete songs whenever you want.

Join Guitar Alliance today as a member and you will learn chords, scales, arpeggios and songs right from the beginning.    They eliminate the overly academic aspect of music training so you will discover how to play faster and better than you could ever imagine.

The materials that you receive are totally hands on.    Their step-by-step tutorials are presented in a combination of sound files, pictures, diagrams, graphs, MP3 tracks, and VIDEO to make everything absolutely clear.    And if you don't understand something, just ask them.    They offer excellent customer support and they also continually monitor and update their site.

Don't hesitate!    Join Guitar Alliance and learn how to play your own solos today.

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Guitar Legato Fast Start
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With Guitar Legato Fast Start your soloing ability and technique will improve because they will teach you how to gain total mastery of Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs.

The Guitar Legato Fast Start System is an intensive 12-month online course aimed at electric guitarists serious about improving their hammer-on and pull-off technique.

They provide an effective, well-organized, step-by-step modular method of understanding, learning and mastering these essential guitar techniques.    Modules 1 to 3 cover Hammer-Ons, Modules cover Pull-Offs and Module 7 combines the techniques and understandings of Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs.

The Guitar Legato Fast Start System also offers a SPECIAL BONUS... the Guitar Legato Creativity Booster e-Course.    This is a 20 lesson course designed to help you do the following:
♪ Improve your ability to use legato technique in a creative way.
♪ Discover how to create your own cool-sounding legato guitar licks.
♪ Expand your soloing vocabulary in a massive way.
♪ Learn to develop awesome timing when playing legato licks.
♪ Increase your endurance and your overall guitar speed.
♪ And much, much more!

Get your full 12-months access to the Guitar Legato Fast Start System for a one-time small investment today and learn to gain total mastery of Hammer-ons and Pull-offs.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Method!
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The Fingerstyle Guitar Made Easy ebook present Fingerstyle Guitar methods to improve your guitar playing and enjoyment.

You can now learn to play your favourite songs on your guitar... Fingerstyle.

The Fingerstyle Guitar Made Easy ebook covers playing levels from Beginner to Advanced and consists of:
♫ Musical Theory for Beginners.
♫ Over 50 mp3 examples.
♫ 25 Fingerstyle patterns.
♫ Diagrams.
♫ Tabs and notes.
♫ Flamenco, Blues, Latin, Ballads, Rock, etc, formats.
♫ Full songs.
♫ Played slow audio examples and at regular tempo.

Hurry!    Get your copy of the Fingerstyle Guitar Made Easy ebook right now!    And start to master Fingerstyle Guitar.

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Beat Accompaniment

Dr Drum Beat Maker
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Do you want to start making awesome Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep, Dance, Trance, Reggae Beats + more on any PC or Mac today?

Now you can with the Dr DRUM digital beat making software!    It’s the most popular beat accompaniment software on the Internet and rates 3rd/10 on ClickBank’s Gravity ratings for guitar.

By using Dr. DRUM, you’ll be able to create unique bangers that’ll rival all the greats who use professional studios…    You will be able to lay down your beats and samples in a matter of minutes and be the DJ that everyone wants!
With the Dr. DRUM digital beat making software you can turn out a full professional track in minutes.    Your beats will be exported in 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format!

The Dr. DRUM digital beat making software has built into it:
♪ 16 Track Sequencer.
♪ 12 Pad Drum Machine.
♪ 4 Octave Keyboard.

It's professional... It's easy... Become a Mix Master in minutes.
Get the Dr DRUM digital beat making software today!

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Want to learn and play great guitar songs and jam with a band?    Now you can!

With BandJammer you have a complete accelerated guitar teaching system, including:
♫ Beginner guitar basics.
♫ Cool Classic Riffs.
♫ Strumming & Rhythm Sessions.
♫ Great Guitar Songs.
♫ Essential Skills, Tricks & Techniques.
♫ Solos, Blues and Improvisation.
♫ Plus you can jam with a real live band!

When you jam with the live band in BandJammer you'll learn to play these great rock songs:
♫ The Beatles - Back In The USSR.
♫ David Bowie - Suffragette City.
♫ Bryan Adams - Summer Of ’69.
♫ REM - Losing My Religion.
♫ Green Day - Basket Case.
♫ The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way.
♫ Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode.

Within each of these song lessons, you'll have tutorial lessons to learn and practice your skills and techniques such as: String Bending, Palm Muting, Power Chords, Arpeggios and much more.

You have just discovered a great way to improve your guitar playing... jam with BandJammer and have some fun while you're at it.    Join BandJammer now and enjoy the beat.

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Play better by jamming with a drummer… that is QuickBeat Human Drummer V.1.
QuickBeat is designed for beginners to pro guitarists and is the next best thing to playing with a real drummer.

Here are some of the benefits of QuickBeat:
♪ Play with a drummer.
♪ Improve your groove.
♪ Develop jam skills.
♪ Have more fun.

QuickBeat Information:
♪ Easy to use.
♪ No programming.
♪ No tempo change.
♪ No MIDI or audio export.
♪ Simulates jamming with a drummer.
♪ Over 100 beats in many music styles.
♪ For beginner to pro Guitar and Bass players.

Jam with QuickBeat today!

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